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95 Lights Go Down Screen Saver Collection for Windows 95 & NT. Includes Randomizer (can call other 32-bit screen savers and 95LGD modules), bitmap show (supports Windows .BMP and .JPG files) and 16 saver modules (Full version: 40+ modules). Superb effects - see yourself! Freeware version with 7 modules also available. German version also available. For ordering and other information
Action Supercross a motorbike simulation game, based on a real physical model. You must navigate through the various stages on your bike. Requires DOS 5.0, 486DX-33, 8MB and VGA. Supports VESA SVGA modes, SoundBlaster. Order registered version
Animated Beginning Typing For Windows for beginning typist of all ages. Animation and sound effects are used to make learning to type fun (and funny). Proper technique is taught with a tutorial and three different games. For Win3.1 and Win95. Order registered version

Educational Software Coop NEW membership This is a membership only. 3 levels are available - basic - $25, supporting - $50, contributing - $100. Join the ESC now
Excellent Card Games Volume 1 & 2 contains 5 addictive card games with many features and options. All scores are kept for any number of players. Use any BMP JPG GIF or PCX graphic file as wallpaper. Complete on-line instructions for all the games: Yukon - a more challenging game of the solitaire classic Klondike Black Maria - the English version of Hearts; Baroness, Stonewall Frustration. Registered version also includes Volume 2 with an additional 5 games! from Tower Software. For ordering and other information
File Manager Guard a utility that allows you to set up [Restrictions] and selectively disable features and capabilities of File Manager and Windows. You can limit user access to any drive of your choice, prevent users from performing any command of File Manager, changing its configuration, running programs or opening documents. You will find FM Guard indispensable if you share your computer with someone else and don't want the other one to mess your system up. For use with personal systems or corporate networks. Works with Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups 3.11. Order registered version
File Manager Stepup For Windows 3.1*/95 add-on for Windows 3.1*, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows 95 - featured in Windows Magazine, Superior Shareware section, FM StepUp makes working With File Manager easier: provides history lists & 3D effects for dialog boxes, customizable Execute Menu and Quick Menu a'la Windows 95, allows to use your favorite editor to view or edit files with a right-click, lets you quickly launch applications directly from FM menu. Special commands are added: 'Total size' of a directory, including subdirectories; 'Run Screen Saver', 'Restart Windows', etc. Supports long file names under Windows 95. Order registered version
File Manager Stepup For Windows NT 3.* File Manager StepUp For Windows NT 3.5/3.51! Same features as Windows 3.1 version, plus supports long file names, network-capable, rated FIVE STARS by Ziff-Davis Interactive! "All the File Manager features NT missed!" - ZD Net Threads, 9/95. Order registered version
File Manager Toolbar featured in Computer Shopper, Windows World, and other publications, Chaosoft Toolbar is an attractive alternative to the native Windows toolbar. Fully user-customizable, it provides about twice as many buttons, support for MS Tools, handy 'tooltips' for novice users (a'la toolbar for Word and Excel). Works with plain Windows, Windows for Workgroups, and Windows 95. Try it and you won't believe you worked without it before! FM Toolbar is now Freeware! Check out the Winability web site
Folder Guard For Windows 95 Folder Guard for Windows 95 - allows to selectively hide folders and/or restrict user access to other resources. Makes folders invisible to any application, incl. Explorer, MS Office, MS-DOS prompt, common dialogs, etc. Provides password protection, user-dependent configurations. Highly customizable and user friendly. For personal systems or corporate networks. Fully functional evaluation version.$49.95 Order registered version
GEOSS - Geometry Screen Savers A set of fractal Screensavers for Windows that provide endless variety. The savers provide password protection and selectable options to adjust their ouput to your liking. Explore the worlds of the Mandlebrot and Julia sets, dynamic systems, IFS codes, 3d stereograms, and more. Discover the beauty of fractals while saving your screen. Windows 3.1+, 386+. Recommend 256+ colors. Contact ballan@cadvision.com for ordering information.
GTI Desktop A screen saver,animated wallpaper, wallpaper changer, custom cursor & startup/exit sound changer in one integrated package. Features photorealistic screen savers/wallpapers, random screen saver selection and can turn any bitmap into a screen saver. Contact 100661.763@compuserve.com for ordering information.
GTI Wordgrid Word puzzle generator for Windows. You can play puzzles on screen or print them out to play later. You can even export them to a file. You can also use your own words to make the puzzles. Great for teachers to make puzzles of spelling and topic related words. Features 3d look, sounds & animated buttons. Contact 100661.763@compuserve.com for ordering information.
HelpHikes Pro is an advanced Help Authoring System for Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. Creating help with it is as easy as adding topics to a folder, typing text in separate topic windows, linking the topics with a simple drag and drop of topic names and then pushing a button to compile the help file. In fact, creating help is so easy that you will be tempted to make help files even for your regular everyday notes. HelpHikes Pro also supports advanced features for customizing your help RTF generation with an innovative customizable macro language called HHML. You can also treat the topics as objects and specify keywords, browsing sequences, help macros to those objects conveniently, in free-format, all in one place. HelpHikes Pro fully supports the new Microsoft Help Workshop compiler (HCW) for creating Windows 95 help files with version 4.0. It can also use the old DOS based Help Compilers to let you create Windows 3.1 help files.

What's more, HelpHikes Pro doubles-up for use as a PIM to manage your random free-format information with full support for Windows 95 long file names. You'll find that your hypertext authoring skills improve dramatically with HelpHikes. It manages many tedious tasks internally, letting you enjoy the creation of your help text and hypertext links. Also use HelpHikes to manage bits & pieces of other information. Remember, you can always create Windows help files for any type of information.

HelpHikes Pro can run on both Windows 95 and Windows 3.1 systems giving you maximum flexibility for generating help files or for using it as a PIM. Order registered version Jokeman Joke Program which allows you to make your own joke files, or go to our Web page to collect more. Jokeman Pro adds additional features and joke files. Order registered version

Lealo For Windows Lealo es un curso completo en formato .hlp de Windows para aprender a leer ingles con la ayuda de un diccionario. Explicaciones, ejemplos y ejercicios con clave. ............................................ Lealo is a complete course in Windows .hlp format which will enable Spanish speakers to read English texts with the aid of a dictionary. Explanations, examples, and exercises with a correction key. Order registered version
Lights Go Down 1995 Ziff Davis European award winning screen saver collection. 40+ modules with password & randomizer. Tremendous special effects, great animations (e.g. customize Bitmap show for .BMP & .JPG files), fantastic fractals! Create your own new 32 bit code savers for Win 3.x (includes samples & src code). Requires Win 3.x/95 (386+ for some modules), SVGA, soundcard recommended! For ordering and other information
MCBase MCBASE V2.3: Music Collection dataBase The new MCBase V2.3: a fully event driven, mouse controlled, object oriented, dBaseIII+ compatible, relational-to-the-max, windowing database management system, with handy dialogs and picklists and very flexible configuration preferences. The only REAL database system for the music collector. XT, AT and protected mode versions available. Installation instructions are included. Contact Harry Doldersum at 100270.2132@compuserve.com for ordering and more information.
Midilang Midi Effects Processor. This Windows program adds live effects to any Midi Keyboard linked to a PC. It can add echo, delay, auto basses.. during your play or on a .mid file . It can do any kind of Midi remapping (breath control effect with user defined curve). You can even define your own type of effect or Midi manipulation with its included Midi Programming Language Interpreter.
Orbots For Dos heart pounding shoot em up extravaganza. 256 color graphics, digital sound. Adrenaline junkies dream! Pilot the astro-chopper to defeat an invasion of half machine, half organo mutants from another dimension. Plenty of surprises and some nasty tricks for you to figure out. If you get through their defenses, you must face their mother ship! 3 big levels of action. 386+, 640k, vga req., mouse, soundcard, joystick optional.
Right Resume for Windows a powerful Windows-based job hunting package. Create choice of 3 different resume types; Fully-functional WYSIWYG word processor for cover letters, customizing resume, etc.; Includes: Spell Checker; Mail Merge; Contact Manager database; Calendar; Power Words copy/paste list. On-line help; On-disk manual; More. Windows 95/3.1x. From Whirlwind Technologies. Order registered version
Selingua SELINGUA v2.01 is a vocabulary training program w. extensive built-in dictionaries: more than 2000 words in each of the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French and Swedish. The program can be used by native speakers of any of these languages. Includes six different vocabulary-drilling exercises. For Windows 3.1 or later. Winner of the 1997 Ziff Davis Shareware Award for Best Program for Secondary and Adult Education. Order registered version
Seterra Seterra is a very comprehensive geography program with more than 50 map exercises and six quiz exercises. Learn about countries, capitals and cities all over the world! Examples of exercises: countries in Europe; American states; American state capitals; French cities; cities in Mexico; countries in Asia, etc., etc... Runs in English or Swedish. Order registered version
Singularity for Windows 9x/NT A powerful file management tool, closely integrated with the Windows user interface. (May be used as a replacement for Windows Explorer.) Lets you manage your files and folders easier and faster. Contains two side-by-side panes, between which you can copy or move files. Offers convenient folder navigation means, handy command-line launcher, user-customizable toolbar. Highly customizable and user-friendly. Order registered version
Spell Checker for HelpHikes/WhizNotes/WhizFolders An add-on spelling checker for use with WhizNotes, WhizFolders, and HelpHikes. Can handle both American and British variations of English. Order registered version
Spread 'Em Out Spread Em Out packs the most useful functions in a small simple package rather than adding complex features you never need and usually can't understand. Includes OLE support, charting (various types), multiple documents (MDI), truetype support, imports various formats, very accurate. Perfect for notebooks and other systems where storage space is at a premium. Requires only 386sx, 2 meg ram, 2 meg hd space.
Steganos (for commercial/business use) STEGANOS for Windows 95, 1.0 license for commercial use Easy to use, yet powerful application to HIDE and/or ENCRYPT files - Hides files in BMP, DIB, VOC, WAV, HTML, and all types of ASCII files - Integrated compression and file wipe - Contains strong encryption and may therefore not exported from the USA Order registered version
Stepup 98 (For Windows 95 & NT 4.*) for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.x, Stepup 96 is a great set of utilities which make working with Windows easier and faster: user-customizable StepUp Menu, smart Folder Navigator, sophisticated Menu Designer, powerful File Handler, handy taskbar icons: Fast Exit, CDROM Autorun On/Off, and more. Highly customizable and user friendly. Order registered version
UFO 96 - Universal File Operator Award-winning DOS filemanager with full support of long filenames (Windows 95). Usage like NC. Features integrated Start menu, UUencode/UUdecode, file wipe, time estimation while copying, viewing of archives like sub- directories (supports ARJ, LHArc, ZIP, RAR), displays file_id.diz automatically when entering an archive (like dirinfo), view, edit, execute programs inside archives. DirectDir computes directory size in background. Keeps log file. Powerful file find, system information, drag & drop... Fast and easy to use. "UFO is an excellent choice" 4 (out of 5) stars - Ziff Davis Software Library Now available as Freeware
WhizFolders Are you still looking for the ideal note-taking program? A program that allows you to take random notes and also helps you organize the vast amounts of random information that you collect every day. A program where you can find your notes on any subject easily, a program that allows you to keep large bodies of text, related or unrelated, grouped into folders of your choice. Well, look no more. You have arrived! WhizFolders can do all that for you. What's more, WhizFolders even lets you link your notes by hypertext links by a simple drag and drop. The advantage of hypertext is that you can jump from note to note by double-clicking on these links. In WhizFolders' hypertext scheme, any note which is not already opened is opened for you and if the note is contained in another folder, even that folder is opened for you. Combine this with the ability to give long names to the notes and the folders, and you will be delighted with how much you can accomplish with WhizFolders. Start using WhizFolders and say goodbye to your journals, logs and diaries. No restrictions. You can enter free-format text in your notes and search for it in free-format as well. Order registered version
Winning Bridge (aka Winbridge) An electronic version of the card game, Bridge, for Microsoft Windows. The game bids using the Acol system (the UK standard) with several options available to select from. Short cut buttons give direct access to several menu items. Paced bidding and play give the feel of playing at a real table. This registered version has features such as saving options and allowing a trick to be replayed. Check with the developers at gerald.wilson@mail1-gui.server.ntli.net for information on the availability of online ordering.
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